Corey Phillips

TINY COREYCorey Phillips is a New Jersey raised, New York based musician, music producer and songwriter. He attended Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, NJ) where he received his bachelor’s degree in Music Technology. His skills range from piano and guitar to sound design and engineering. He began learning piano and music theory at a very young age from his uncle who is a professional piano instructor. Corey’s musical influences range from electronic music, hiphop, southern rock, and pop to classical music and jazz. 

In 2012, Corey interned at Sirius XM radio where he was introduced to Eddie O’ Loughlin. Eddie was impressed by Corey’s production work right away and signed him to Next Plateau Records.

Also at Sirius XM, Corey was introduced to Gabriel Wizard Gomes through a mutual friend. Shortly after their introduction they formed the production/songwriting duo No3Go (No Ego) and joined the Tin Pan Digital team.


To hear samples of Corey Phillips’ and No3Go’s material, listen below:

No3go Soundcloud

Tin Pan Digital Souncloud


Contact Corey Phillips:

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